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Nov 14, 2013 11:00am PST
offering a fix. . obama annouing if you like the pl, you will be able to keep it inany cases, but not all of them. nbc bay area steve hamilto has the story from washington. >> repter: president obama said he did not mean to deceive the ameran people bh he promised they could keep a plan they liked. 98% of the american people r eier it genuinely wldn't hang at all or they would be pleasantly surprised with the options in the marketplac and thathe grandfather clause would cover the rest. that proved t to be the ca, and that's on me lowers for one year the obama care standards for individual policy. said to take effect janua 1st. compies can continue o inreinstate low co basic pocies that they had to cancel. milies who had tse plans can ntinue if the insurae companies agree. >> i hear you loud and clear. i said that i would do everything we can t fix ts problem,nd today i'm offerin andea that will help doit. >> reporter: it mightave some families' coverage, b >> thank you, erybody.. reporter: many democrats rious voter wrath over obama care are sayg they immediate to take some sort of a form
Nov 19, 2013 11:00am PST
can you figure it out. first la michelle obama did it with her first dog bow. >> dog? her daughter chelsea.d it with >> i see a patter >> , it's not twerking. 's a selfie. it's self. oxfo defines it as a photogph that one has taken of oneself, typical one taken with a smartphone or web cam and uploaded to a social media website. i'rushed. have areat night. - i'm in youhead. - whdid you have to offe the gay community? - did you just call me an idiot on this tv? - tracy has orgazed a protest of nbc by hifellow idiots. - mr. hornberger? what do we do? - i don't know. t i know someone who does. - talk to me. they're still mad? we sent elton d david a honey-baked ham. what more do they want? - i'm joed now by one gay rights advocate devin banks,elcome. - thank you, dallas. i have seen you since michael kors' new year'sve masquerade. - uh, i don't know wt you're talking about. - right. let'dive in. - banks.
Nov 15, 2013 11:00am PST
there at -- >>> the bush and obama administrations both demanded james risen reveal who gave him seet information aboutheia or go to ison, but the "new york times" report is fighting thdemand, and he is talking on college campes about the governmentrosecuting the press. at u.c. berkeley risen said he isighting to prect the public's righto know what the deposit isp to. >> the press has told -- exposed virlt we'll everything.isclosed e american publicould know alst nothing about the way the united statehas conducted the war on terror if it wasn't for the press. >> a federal aeals court recently ruled risen must give up his sources. hes preparing an appeal to the u.s. supreme court. >>> we can tell you this year's crab season starting off with less eitement and a lot le crabs tha fisher mn had iginally hoped for. earlier this morning we expected to find an empty wharf, but the boats hadn't even left yet. fishermen set out their pots last night gting ready f the weather has rled in on the ble other de of the golden gate bridge, so a lot of fishermen spent the morning waitingt out and
Nov 21, 2013 11:00am PST
also says -- and the white house has confirmed this report, that president obama sent him a letter saying he is very sympathetic toward the afghan people and that americans are there to help. >> well, after 11 years behind bars kennedy cousin michael skakel was released on bond. skakel stands accused of the 1975 murder of teenager martha moxley. he was ordered released on a $1.2 million bond, while he awaits a brand new trial. skakel, for the record, is the nephew of robert f. kennedy's widow. he has been in a maximum security prison since being convicted of that murder when they both were 15 years old and neighbors back in connecticut. >>> happening now on the peninsula, if you smell gas in san bruno, floss need to panic. pg&e is testing natural gas lines. crews began working on the poiplines on estates and glenview drive, which is just a couple of blocks from the site of that deadly 2010 gas explosion. if you live nearby, you might smell some gas in this area, but pg&e says it is safe and will quickly dissipate. pg&e says testing will last through the afternoon. >>> well, an avia
Nov 26, 2013 11:00am PST
will be held outside of j.f.k. high school at 6:00 tonight. sfwlirchlts president obama busy wrapping up his three-day west coast tour in los angeles following just a whirlwind visit to san francisco. >> he was greeted by a line of protesters. his five-hour bay area visit was a quick one, and also included a fundraising event and a tech roundtable. >> the woman who jumped from the third deck of the coliseum. this happened after the raiders game on sunday. the vietnam veteran this morning still has the bruises. you see them right there on his arms to show for it. >> when she was falling, i held my arms out so they can land on my arms, and then i was going to lock her in, and as we fell, we were fwog fall together. that way she -- i absorbed the impact and nothing was going to happen to her. they call me a hero. i'm a hero to them, but to me i just reacted the way i did. >> humble. the oakland raiders are showing their appreciation as well. hall of famer willie brown personally drove to his house to thank him and to give him sunday's game ball. now, he said he would love to hear fr
Nov 25, 2013 11:00am PST
tellez. president obama is now in the bay area. he landed at sfo literally in the last few minutes. we're live in san francisco where the president is set to talk about immigration. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he is en route to our location right now. you can see here at the intersection of washington and mason where secret service has shut down this area, surrounding the recreation center. this is in chinatown. the president will be speaking here. they have allowed a small group of people into the area, so they can express their political views to the president. some people, but not all, have been protesting this country's immigration policy, asking the government to stop its deportation of undocumented immigrants. th immigration reform is the topic of the president's speech this morning. as you just mentioned, he landed at sfo in the past 20 minutes or so for what will be a five-hour stay in the bay area. his motorcade is en route. he's trying to push congress to change the way the united states treats guests who come here. . >> we want to stop families from bei
Nov 27, 2013 11:00am PST
for president obama, and get guest what, ladies and gentlemen, has absolutely nothing to do with politics. >> before you head out for black friday or black thursday shopping. a couple of thoughts ahead in business news. >> we're taking you behind the scenes at koit 96.5 where we are about to kick off 24 hours a day of christmas music, sneak peek, and we're going to talk to one of the dj's out here coming up. >>> right now an exclusive investigative unit. the good guess is you have seen a silver truck on the bay area highway. cisco foods, the largest food distributor in all of america this morning, the company right now under investigation by the chp. it is coming after the investigative unit uncovered internal records showing big rig drivers just logging too many hours behind the wheel. federal law limits the number of hours drivers can work to keep tired drivers off the road. insiders, they tell us, the company is now putting process ahead of safety. >> cutting corners. i was trying to get over on the system. always trying to find a way around it. that way we can get the most ou
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7